St Timothy’s is a community that welcomes and values all who seek an experience of God’s love, whoever you are, wherever you are from, and wherever you are on life’s journey.

Our services offer you choice – from the energy, joy, and excitement of modern music to the peace, sanctuary, and meditative space of our ancient worship traditions.

This feeling of sanctuary and contemplative space for everyone is reinforced by the beauty of our campus and its gardens and labyrinth nestling in the shadow of Mount Diablo.

Please visit or contact us anytime. We look forward to meeting you.

About Us

cew_2483St. Timothy’s is a vibrant Episcopal church, located on a beautiful five-acre campus at the base of Mount Diablo, that has served the greater San Ramon Valley since 1953. Our community includes people of all ages, religious backgrounds, political positions, family configurations, ethnicities, and church experience. We share a love of God and each other, a sense of meaning and belonging, a yearning to learn and grow in faith, and a desire to serve others both inside and outside of our community.

St. Timothy’s embodies the following values:

  • We welcome all with uncompromising hospitality, including at the Lord’s Table, and value everyone who seeks to experience God’s love, mercy, and power to heal.
  • We respect all wherever they are on life’s journey, with particular attention to our children and youth as the church of today, not just tomorrow.
  • We serve all as we live our baptismal covenant by sharing the Good News of God and the life of our community through mission, commitment to and involvement in outreach, and working for social justice.

A brief history of St. Timothy’s parish

Episcopal worship services have been offered in Danville by traveling clergy in homes and rented facilities since the early 1900s. It was not until 1952, however, that steps were taken to form a permanent congregation. Under the direction of the Rev. Wilfred Hodgkin, rector of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Walnut Creek, seminary students led worship services in the homes of Danville residents. The following year, St. Timothy’s Mission was formally organized, and the Rt. Rev. Carl M. Block, Bishop of California, appointed the Rev. William Goodall its first vicar. Its name, St. Timothy’s, reflected its relationship to St. Paul’s, just as the New Testament ministry of St. Timothy of Ephesus sprang from his relationship with St. Paul the apostle.

Lucy Ketcham, one of our founding members and her daughter, Patty Alexanderson

Lucy Ketcham, one of our founding members and her daughter, Patty Alexanderson

St. Timothy’s first regular meeting place was a community center on the site of the old movie theater on Front Street. A few current parishioners still fondly remember carrying an organ and everything else needed for worship from their homes to the church site every Sunday. Later, the congregation moved its services to the Veteran’s Hall on Hartz Avenue.

Between 1953 and 1957, a five-acre parcel was purchased for the permanent establishment of St. Timothy’s. In 1958, the Parish Hall was built and served as a church and Sunday school classrooms for 18 years. The Rev. Robert Tsu became the second vicar of the mission in 1958, and under his leadership the Education Wing was built in 1963.

The Rev. James McLeod became St. Timothy’s third vicar in 1967, and the Rev. George (Ted) Ridgeway its fourth in 1970. Under the Rev. Ridgeway, the mission became a self-supporting parish in 1975 (making Ridgeway St. Timothy’s first rector), and the church building where we now worship was completed in 1976.

St. Timothy’s called its second rector, the Rev. Steven R. Strane, in 1988. During his tenure, St. Timothy’s grew to become one of the largest congregations in the Diocese of California. In 1996, St. Timothy’s opened Noah’s Ark Preschool. The plant also expanded to include Grace House (completed in 1996 and now the home of parish administration, staff offices, music and conference rooms, and a dedicated youth center) and the St. Timothy’s Columbarium. In 2003, a labyrinth was completed on the northeastern side of Grace House, and is now the center of a Meditation Garden and Stations of the Cross, which were completed in 2007.

The Rev. Jeff Frost, our third Rector, arrived in 2013 and departed in 2015. Among his contributions were an upgrade of the administrative side of the congregation, including a home for St. Timothy’s on Facebook, as well as other modern communication enhancements. He also worked hard on helping St. Timothy’s build the “human resource” leadership structure it enjoys today.

The congregation was served by the Rev. Audrey Miskelly and the Rev. Stacey Grossman as Interim Rectors for two years as we searched for and called a new rector.  In June 2017 St. Timothy’s called its fourth rector, the Rev. Todd Bryant, starting August 2017.  Fr. Todd and his family come to us from Houston Texas where he has been the Rector of Ascension Episcopal Church since 2011.

The ministry of St. Timothy’s has been enhanced by the presence of other clergy and staff over the years. Countless parishioners have given their hearts, their time, their talents, and their treasure to the work of St. Timothy’s that shaped its history and is forming its bright future.


About The Episcopal Church

St. Timothy’s is a member of The Episcopal Church and is one of the largest parishes of the Diocese of California. The word Episcopal means “overseer” or “bishop” in Greek, and the Diocese of California is overseen by our own bishop, the Right Reverend Marc Handley Andrus. The Diocese of California is made up of approximately 85 churches in five Bay Area counties. The Episcopal Church is overseen by our Presiding Bishop, the Most Reverend Michael Curry. There are approximately 2.5 million members of The Episcopal Church in the United States.

The Episcopal Church has its roots in the Church of England and is a member of the Anglican Communion, a worldwide association of 34 self-governing provinces, 6 United Churches, and 4 other churches with more than 85 million members in over 160 countries. The Archbishop of Canterbury, the head of the Church of England, is the spiritual leader of the Anglican Communion. Together, we join with our brothers and sisters across the globe in our common worship and service to Christ.