Pastoral Care

Outstanding Pastoral Care is central to our mission at St Timothy’s.

In the past, when we were a much larger parish, it was provided by our clergy, with minimal participation by lay leaders. With reduced resources and staff, we now approach this important ministry through a commission system, which includes both clergy and lay leadership.

The Pastoral Care Executive Committee meets regularly to discuss the current pastoral needs of the parish, and makes sure that those in need are provided appropriate care in a timely manner. The Rector and the Pastoral Care Commissioner are permanent members of the Executive Committee, with additional members appointed each year. The Pastoral Care Commission includes this Executive Committee along with a larger group of lay leaders who chair or are actively involved in the pastoral care ministries of the parish.

These include the following ministries:

Lay Eucharistic Visitors – This ministry provides the Eucharist to parishioners who are physically unable to attend one of our weekly services. Participants in this ministry generally receive training and are certified by the Diocese of California as Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEMs) before they receive the training and become certified by the Diocese for this ministry. Those persons requesting a visit by a Lay Eucharistic Visitor (LEV) should contact the Parish Office, a member of the clergy, or any member of the Pastoral Care Executive Committee.

Stephen’s Ministers – Sometimes a parishioner needs to be in relationship with a trained Lay leader for a period of time to receive spiritual support in an ongoing one-to-one basis. Referral to a Stephen’s Minister should be initiated through one of our clergy.

Intercessory Prayer Ministry – This ministry provides ongoing prayer for the special needs of our parishioners, and the people in their lives that they love. Prayer requests to this group are kept confidential and are only shared with members of this ministry. Prayer requests may be sent to our prayer team at via the Prayer Request Form.

As we grow in our responsibilities as a Pastoral Care Commission, we are striving to meet the spiritual needs of our parish in new and more relevant ways. Although pastoral care has largely been seen as a ministry to those who are sick or suffering in some way, we are acutely aware that caring for each other, in sickness and in health, requires an openness to new pastoral care ministries that can serve the needs of all of our parishioners.

Healing Prayer Ministry – At the small chapel in the back of the church, healing prayers are offered at the service during communion.  A trained healing prayer minister says restorative prayers, offers laying on of hands, and anoints with holy oil.  Those who come are asked what they need prayer for, which, if voiced, is held in utmost confidence.  Prayer requests may be offered for any number of reasons, or in thanks. We welcome you to come for some peace in your heart.