The Planned Giving/Endowment/Legacy Society combination represents the path for giving to the future of Saint Timothy’s. They are often used separately but are actually combined under one umbrella for the purpose of giving toward the future of Saint Timothy’s.

In simple terms, Planned Giving is just that. How will you give? What vehicle will you use? A will? An account? A living trust? There are many ways to accomplish this, and you may want some specific guidance.

The Endowment Fund is where your gift will be housed when transferred to Saint Timothy’s. The basic ideal of the fund is to use only a portion of the Interest/gain for use in specific needs of Saint Timothy’s. This should allow the corpus (the amount you gave) to remain intact and to grow a profit year after year.

The Legacy Society is a function of the Diocese and those who contribute to the future of the Episcopal church (through the Diocese or your own church) is a member.

Saint Timothy’s has combined these three programs into one Endowment Committee. By contacting a member of this committee you can get information on questions you may have pertaining to all of these programs. Sally Jess is the Chair of this committee and members can be reached by contacting the office and leaving your name and number. A committee member will then be in contact.