Milestones at St. Timothy’s are shared with one another during Sunday worship services and at other pivotal times in our personal and family lives to reflect on the various stages of our spiritual journeys. Milestones may also be acknowledged in more formal ways as church baptisms, confirmations, weddings, memorials, or other liturgical celebrations.

We recite the prayer below (composed by our parishioners) in every Sunday service. You may also want to share this prayer with those in your immediate circle to mark a spiritual milestone at any time of life.

St. Timothy’s Milestone Prayer

“Lord God, thank you for hearing our prayer today for your loving and trusting servants. Please recognize them as they are now and will be in days to come. Nurture their unique joys, challenges, celebrations, and hopes. Be present in all their transformations, including births and passings, beginnings and anniversaries, work and rest, repair and renewal. Lord of life, bless their livelihood, and all your St. Timothy’s family, as you inspire their minds, excite their hearts, and encourage their faith in the power and love of Jesus Christ.  Amen.”