Holy Baptism is full initiation by water and the Holy Spirit into Christ’s Body, the Church. The bond which God establishes in Baptism is indissoluble.” (The Book of Common Prayer 298.) Baptism is the sacramental act that empowers us to participate in the life of Christ and welcomes us into a faith community. Here you will find:

Who, What, Where, When, How, and Why of Baptism
Who: Anyone seeking a deeper relationship with God in Christ. We baptize babies, octogenarians and everywhere in between.
What: With prayers, water, oil and candles, we celebrate the good work that God has done in the person.
Where: The preferred place is in Church, in the midst of the people on Sunday Morning.
When: At appointed times in the Church we celebrate Baptism: All Saint’s Day in November, The Presentation in February, The Sunday after Easter in March, Pentecost in May, St. Mary’s day in August and when a Bishop visits. We even will do Christmas Morning and Easter Sunday morning!
How: There is a Baptismal rehearsal for the candidate, parents, and godparents before the Baptism. Baptisms may be celebrated at any of our Sunday services.
Why: Baptism is a special way to say “yes” to Jesus as Lord and Savior of your/their life.

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