God’s Hands

GOD’S HANDS,” our Outreach focus, encourages involvement from parishioners to take part in at least one hands-on project for the organizations we support.

The God’s Hands Red Rolling Bulletin Board in the Parish Hall has postings for short term, hands-on projects with sign-up sheets. These1-dscn3512 can be jobs such as clothing or food drives, helping to collate newsletters for one of our non-profits, wrapping Adopt-A-Family Christmas gifts for organizations, Habitat for Humanity work days, preparing a meal for a group, or other projects.

We realize that our busy schedules do not always allow us to commit to long term projects. Please step in to be a part of our calling to do God’s work in the world. You will be rewarded beyond measure.

The Outreach Ministries News bulletin board on the wall in the entry to the Parish Hall is dedicated to informing you about current news articles and happenings from our Outreach organizations.

We also want to recognize all the commendable work being done independently by parishioners doing volunteer work in support of other groups.