At St. Timothy’s we like to share life by getting to know each other, spending time on meaningful pursuits, and having fun together. Here are a few fellowship and fun opportunities for you, too.

Sunday Coffee Hour  

Hosted by parishioners and ministry teams, coffee hours after the 7:30 and 9:00 a.m. services provide a wonderful opportunity to enjoy refreshments, catch up with old friends, and make new friends. Hosting coffee hour is also a wonderful and easy way to get to know new people and to ensure the extension of hospitality to visitors and newcomers. Complete instructions for hosting are provided, and sign-up information may be found in the parish hall. Contact Joann Oliver

Foyer Groups

Foyer Groups are a purely social opportunity for parishioners to share time, conversation, and a meal together, and they provide a great way for all to get to know each other more. The groups are made up of eight people (singles and couples), who gather once per quarter to share a meal in each other’s homes. New groups are formed each fall. Contact Patti Farris.

Neighborhood Groups

Neighborhood Groups are one of the ways we care for each other in times of need. Each parishioner is assigned to a geographic group that is chaired by a neighborhood captain. The groups provide meals or an occasional ride to others in the group who are sick or infirm. Contact Helen Coleman.

Seniors Ministry

St. Timothy’s seniors are a large, active group with a variety of social activities scheduled throughout the year. This ministry group also hosts informational programs of interest to our seniors and provides outreach to the homebound or infirm. Contact Joan Evens.

Shawl Ministry

Members of this ministry meet monthly to crochet, knit, and needlepoint scarves and prayer shawls for the sick and needy as an outward reminder of God’s love. Contact Mary Louise Gotthold.

Fruits of the Harvest (FOTH) Fundraiser

Over the years, our large Outreach Fundraising fundraising event hosts a great party while also raising money for local, national, and international charities. This fundraising event involves many volunteers who have a great time working together to assure the event success. Volunteering is a great way to meet new people while contributing to a worthy cause. Contact Tania DeYoung or Leslie Firth.