St. Timothy’s is led by a dedicated and diverse group of 14 lay leaders who, along with the Rector, serve on the Vestry, which is the governing body of the parish. Four Vestry members are officers of the parish: the Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Treasurer, and Clerk. The remaining 10 Vestry members lead and/or serve on commissions that constitute the primary organizational structure of the parish.

In addition, Vestry members typically also serve on parish committees, in ministries, and throughout the parish community in a variety of ways. We are grateful for the many skills and talents that each leader brings to the community to enrich our common life and to further our shared mission. If you are interested in offering your gifts in leadership and ministry, please speak with a member of the clergy or Vestry.

2019 Vestry Members

New 2019 Vestry members elected are listed below.


Dick Firth, Senior Warden





Tom Linari, Junior Warden / Property Commission





Nancy Arroyoavila, Worship Commissioner

I have been a member of St. Timothy’s for 3 years, joining as soon as I relocated to my current home in San Ramon. I am a cradle Episcopalian. As far back as I can remember, the Church has been at the center of my life. Growing up we moved every 3 years, so the Church was always the place where we connected, made friends, and built community. I have always been active in the Church from youth group until I was 17, to Altar Guild, Bible Study Leader, an active member of the Cursillo Community, and years of service on 2 Vestry’s.
I believe the St. Timothy’s does a remarkable job of honoring tradition while embracing a more non-traditional approach in celebrating our Lord and Savior. While there are many reasons a person walks in the front door of a Church for the first time, I believe it is the Worship and Liturgy that brings them back and opens their heart to Jesus and His never ceasing Love and Grace.  Contact

Linda Clark, Worship Commissioner (ww/ Alison Fletcher)





Kari Doolittle, Justice Advocacy & Administration





Allison Fletcher, Worship Commissioner (w/ Linda Clark)

I grew up in Danville and started attending St. Timothy’s at a young age. As a kid parishioner, I was a crucifer, a lector, and attended numerous church camps during the summers. St. Timothy’s is family, and I am thrilled to be able to give my time and energy and love to St. Timothy’s as a member of the Vestry. The church community has a strong history of outreach and partnering with local non-profits to support their missions and Jesus’ message of love and giving.  Contact


Cathy Hager, Children and Youth Commissioner

I am a Bay Area native, growing up in Lafayette. Our family moved back to the Bay Area in 1999 when John retired after 20 years of active duty in the US Navy. We joined St. Timothy’s in 2001, and have grown our various ministries and faith as a family since. We have 3 boys. Our oldest, Andrew is a chef at Homestead in Oakland. Our middle son, Stephen works for a medical device company in Oakland and has served as a master acolyte here and participated in parish musicals. Our youngest, Thomas, well, everyone seems to know Thomas. Sometimes, I am known as Thomas’s mom! He is an acolyte, lector, usher with his dad, and also in parish musicals and loves to help in the kitchen. My ministries include Prayers of the People Writing, Lector, Eucharistic Minister and Visitor, Good News Hour Teacher, Bread Ministry, and the parish musicals. You will also find me at FOTH behind the computer making sure the banking is done quickly and correctly! This year I am blessed to be a part of the Rector’s Search Committee with some amazing people. God has blessed our time together with the committee members and those who want to be a part of us. I am honored and humbled to be doing this work. I am the Children and Youth Commissioner, and I want to make sure that we have a safe, nurturing, loving, yet inspiring place for all youth, from the littlest to our young adults. Let’s get together if you have a way we can engage our youth and have fun!  Contact


Steve Hedden, Property (w/ Tom Linari)





Alison Hill, Outreach Commissioner





Trudy Macmillan, Fellowship & Pastoral Care





Mike Olden, Fellowship & Communications Commissioner





Lisa Perry, Adult Formation Commissioner (w/ Nancy A.)

My family (husband Don, and children Christopher and Elyse) and I came to St Timothy’s in 2007 looking for an inclusive and socially just approach to religion. I have served on Vestry 2010-2013, the Endowment Committee, Noah’s Ark Board, the Emergency Prep Committee, and the Faith Formation Committee. I have participated in the Rector Search process twice. I have been an Education for Ministries (EFM) mentor since 2008. In Worship, I have served as a Lay Eucharistic Minister, Lector, Intercessor and writer of Prayers of the People. As the Adult Formation Commissioner, it is my responsibility to assist in the development of programs and opportunities which foster the individual development of the laity and the communal development of the congregation. Contact


Neal Matsunaga, Treasurer

My family and I moved to San Ramon in 1984 and soon found our church home at St. Timothy’s. At the time I worked for AT&T in their IT organization and my wife Bev was self-employed and stayed at home with our newborn son and 2 year old daughter. In 1996 I retired from the phone company and went to work for Sun Microsystems in their IT organization. In 2006 I retired from Sun and have been enjoying retirement since. I have kept myself busy with volunteer work with St. Timothy’s, the Boy Scouts, youth sports, the now defunct San Ramon Valley Planning Commission, AARP doing tax return preparation and most recently becoming a docent for the City of San Ramon at city hall. My volunteer work at St. Timothy’s has been varied and rewarding. In my retirement Bev and I have enjoyed traveling and spending time with our children and grandchildren. We also enjoy traveling to Hawaii to visit my family. Contact


Saint_Tims_Vestry_2014- 031C1Sally Shea Potts, Clerk of the Vestry

I joined Timothy’s Episcopal Church in 1986. I have sung in the choir since I joined. In 2015, I retired and now work part time doing technical writing. I am the Outreach liaison for Monument Crisis Center in Concord and organize the Christmas Food Boxes. Currently I serve as the vestry clerk and organize the afternoon volunteers in the church office. Contact



Vestry Basics

Being a member of the vestry is a sacred ministry, and the members accept a call to lead members of the congregation to a closer relationship with God. They are also legal representatives and agents for the parish. The vestry, in partnership with the rector, is responsible for leadership and management of the congregation.


  • Envisioning: Creating a vision of the future, along with strategies to make the vision real
  • Engaging: Getting people to understand and commit to the vision
  • Empowering: Enabling others to make the vision real
  • Modeling: Demonstrating the vision and the desired values and behaviors


  • Planning: Budgeting, allocating resources, and setting objectives
  • Organizing: Establishing structures, policies, and procedures
  • Staffing: Hiring, training, role development, coaching, performance evaluation, compensation
  • Controlling: Monitoring results vs. plans, corrective action, re-planning

In addition to these roles, the canons of the Episcopal Church stipulate that the vestry shall:

  • Be agents and legal representatives of the parish in all matters concerning its corporate properties and the relations of the parish to its clergy. Title I. Cannon 14, Section 2
  • Ensure that standard business methods, as outlined, will be observed. Title I. Canon 7, Section 1 (Paraphrased)
  • When the parish is without a rector, the officers of the vestry are responsible for the continuation of worship, including the calling a new rector. Title III. Canon 9, Section 3 (Paraphrased)
  • The vestry has responsibility for nominating persons for holy orders. Title III. Canon 5, Section 2

There are 12 elected members of the vestry. In addition, the Treasurer and the Clerk are elected by the Vestry and serve as members of the Vestry. The size of the vestry can vary as needs change. Vestry terms are three years. A third of the elected vestry members retire each year, and they are replaced with four new elected members. Vestry members are expected to participate in as many parish activities as they can, and wear their name tags with a vestry ribbon, so that the parish can feel free to bring their comments and concerns to them.

Vestry Positions and Roles:

  • Senior Warden: The Senior Warden serves as an advisor to the rector and takes special care for the well-being of the rector and his or her family. This person also presides at vestry meetings. The Senior Warden is selected by the rector each year.
  • Junior Warden: The Junior Warden has overall responsibility for the properties of the parish and for long-range planning as it relates to the properties. In addition, the Junior Warden provides assistance as needed to the Senior Warden and the Rector. The Junior Warden is elected by the vestry each year. In addition to these roles, when the congregation does not have a rector, the wardens function as the communication link with the diocese; convene and preside at Vestry meetings; make provisions for Sunday worship; perform the typical administrative tasks typically handled by the Rector; and Act as custodians of the parish’s registers and records as well as convene and preside at the vestry meetings.
  • Treasurer: This is an appointed vestry position and also a voting member of the vestry. The Treasurer coordinates and manages all of the financial activities of the parish under the direction of the vestry and according to the church canons. The Treasurer is also the chair of the Finance Committee, an advisory group appointed by the Vestry to assist in the work of managing the financial activities of the parish.
  • Clerk: This is an appointed vestry position and a voting member of the vestry. The Clerk takes notes at vestry meetings and retreats, producing and maintaining an archive of the meeting minutes.


  • Monthly: The vestry meets on a monthly basis, on the second Monday evening. Each commission produces a written report of his or her activities for the month. These are sent to the vestry members in advance of the meeting, and it is expected that the vestry members have read the materials before the meeting.
  • Vestry Retreats: All vestry members are required to attend the annual vestry retreat. If there are discussions that will take a significant amount of time, mini-retreats may be scheduled on an as needed basis.

Vestry Elections

New vestry members are elected each year at the Annual Meeting of the parish. If a vacancy occurs mid-year, the vestry has the authority to appoint a replacement to fulfill an unexpired term of service.  More information is available in a Vestry Overview document.

If you wish to serve on the Vestry, you should download the Vestry nomination form HERE or pick one up from the church office.

We ask that all nomination forms be completed and returned to Allison Fletcher via email or to the church office as soon as possible, and no later than December 20, so that they can be included in the January edition of the Tidings newsletter for the benefit of the parish prior to elections at the Annual Meeting.

Vestry Commissions and Commissioners

The vestry is organized in a commission system. Each commission is led by a Vestry member. Commissioners coordinate the work of the commissions. Time is expected beyond the monthly vestry meetings for the work of each commission. Commissions consist of parishioners who are invited by commissioners and those who express interest to serve based on their skills and interests in the activities of their commissions. Members of the congregation are welcome and encouraged to participate on any of the Vestry Commissions. Following are the 10 Commissions.

Administration: The scope of the Administration commission includes technology, office equipment, other tools and processes needed to manage the administrative affairs of the parish. The commission manages the implementation and is liaison with vendors for the support of our Computer workstations, Website, ConnectNow (Church Management System), Network/Wi-Fi, Telephones, Google Drive file Storage, and their office process documentations. The commission also coordinates office staff volunteers and the scheduling of other parish activities. The Administration Commission embraces, plans, and also helps with other activities assigned to the commission.

Communications: The Communication Commission provides coordination and guidance on all aspects of communications, both external and internal. This includes Newsletters, Social Media, Publicity, and our website content. The commission collaborates with all other commissions to ensure overall communication and feedback on matters involving the parish.

Finance: The Finance Commission is tasked with the care of the people’s money. We must be good stewards of investing, budgeting, and saving of the parish’s money. The commission is responsible for these committees: Stewardship Committee, Endowment Committee, Investment Committee, and the annual Audits (with the Bookkeeper).

Fellowship – Invite: The purpose of the Fellowship Invite Commission is to create and manage messaging and tools to attract new members to St Timothy’s and to deepen relationships with irregular attendees. The commission is responsible for executing the St. Timothy’s Invite Plan.

Fellowship – Inreach: The Fellowship Inreach Commission provides and coordinates activities to evolve the parish community into becoming a more welcoming and connected community. The commission promotes activities for people to grow, develop, experience, explore, and enhance their relationship with one and other through Jesus Christ. The Commission searches, examines, and evaluates existing and new processes that will strengthen the parish community and weave into our parish fabric an expectation of evangelism beyond ourselves. The commission and related committees conduct and support numerous non-liturgical activities which promote community-wide enthusiasm to grow spiritually at Saint Timothy’s and spread the Gospel. The Commission works in concert with the other Vestry Commissions and numerous committees in support of the Parish mission.

Formation: Christian formation is a lifelong process of growing in the knowledge, service, and love of God as followers of Christ. St. Timothy’s is committed to the formation of all its members throughout life as we work, study, and serve God together for the purpose of carrying out God’s work of reconciliation, love, forgiveness, healing, justice, and peace. Commission participants are asked to listen closely and report on various parish member formation opinions, ideas, and requests; keep the Commissioner informed of parish formation feedback and attend and contribute to bimonthly commission team meetings; and suggest and host various formation activities and education opportunities for the parish. The Commissioner works regularly with the Rector and the staff liaison to help form and maintain the formation vision, mission, budget, and planning. The Commissioner further meets with clergy/staff as needed; supports and speaks often with formation volunteers; hosts bimonthly formation team meetings; recommends formation programs and maintains the yearly schedule of formation activities; reports on formation status in writing and in person to the vestry; and promotes the formation to the parish and recruits new formation volunteers.

Outreach: St. Timothy’s Outreach Commission comprises volunteers who serve as liaisons to a variety of organizations supported by St. Timothy’s, including Monument Crisis Center, Loaves and Fishes, Shelter Inc., Global Aids Interfaith Alliance, Discovery Counseling Center, and others. Committee members keep St. Timothy’s parishioners apprised of what these organizations are doing and of opportunities to serve. In addition, the committee also decides on the distribution of St. Timothy’s budgeted outreach monies.

Pastoral Care: As outstanding Pastoral Care is central to who we are at St Timothy’s. The Pastoral Commission is chartered with providing improved communication and development of systems to ensure that pastoral care is provided in a compassionate and responsible manner. It is expected that the systems and procedures developed by the commission will continue in the future with good transition and communication.

Property: The mission of the Property Commission at St. Timothy’s is to manage all of our church facilities, ensuring good stewardship and maintenance on behalf of the congregation and our church community. We accomplish this by actively doing the following: Assessing the MAINTENANCE needs of the church buildings and surrounding grounds and facilitating repairs in a timely manner; Enabling IMPROVEMENT to the facilities in alignment with the overall operating plan; Managing the ACKERMAN PROPERTY and ensuring its upkeep; and Collaborating with the Peoples Warden (Junior Warden) on the LONG TERM PLAN for the church campus.

Worship and Liturgy: The worship and liturgy commission is responsible for support and advocacy in all of the aspects of our worship needs for our congregation, including: Scheduling of the lay volunteers for worship; Facilitating quarterly liturgy planning meetings; Coordinating liturgy planning for special times of year, such as Easter and Christmas; and Connecting with and supporting the various lay led teams that provide volunteers for the worship services, such as: Altar Guild, Acolytes, Ushers, Liturgical Arts, Eucharistic Ministers and Visitors, etc.

Commission of Social Justice and Advocacy: The Commission of Social Justice and Advocacy is responsible for engaging the St. Timothy’s Community in building, resourcing, and empowering advocacy movements for social justice at a local and community level. The Commissioner additionally serves to support diocesan policy which build and support locally led coalitions for social change according to the positions of The Episcopal Church.

Click HERE to read St. Timothy’s Social Justice and Advocacy Engagement Charter.

To read the policy positions of the Episcopal Church click HERE.