We welcome and value all who come to St. Timothy’s door. Whatever life journey you’re on at the time, we  extend Jesus’ uncompromising hospitality to all who are visiting, exploring, or are members of the parish.

The most important way to learn more about St. Timothy’s is to come and worship with us. That will give you the best understanding of who we are and what we do. You are invited to contact any member of the clergy or staff, who will gladly answer your questions. When you visit, feel free to ask any of our greeters for an information packet, or let them know your questions. You are also encouraged to participate in The Episcopal Church Welcomes You class. typically held in the fall or winter.

Please visit the Connect portion of our website to sign up for our weekly email update, our Tidings Newsletter, and other publications and to manage your communications preferences.

There are a number of ways to become a member of record at St. Timothy’s. You may be baptized at St. Timothy’s (if not already baptized), be sponsored for confirmation by St. Timothy’s (or sponsored for reception if already confirmed), or have your baptism recorded in the parish register. A confirmed Episcopalian may have his or her membership transferred by letter from a previous parish. Children of parishioners are also considered to be members.

Keep in mind, you don’t need a registered affiliation to be considered a member of St. Timothy’s. Any person who considers St. Timothy’s to be his or her spiritual home by participating in worship and contributing financially to the support of the church is a member of the parish. Usually, that is expressed unofficially by having one’s name added to the parish directory.

We also offer some specific opportunities to help visitors and newcomers experience this welcome and find ways to connect with the church and the parish. For more information, contact the parish office: 925-837-4993;