• Fruits of the Harvest
    Fruits of the Harvest
    FOTH raises funds for 13 organizations that our Outreach Ministries support. FOTH is also a coming together of our whole parish to have fun and fellowship.
  • St. Tim's Fellowship Hall & Sanctuary
    St. Tim's Fellowship Hall & Sanctuary
  • Easter at St. Timothy's
    Easter at St. Timothy's
  • Children's Time
    Children's Time
    Rev. Susan talks to the children at the 9:00 a.m. service.
  • Vacation Bible School
    Vacation Bible School
  • 2018 High School Immersion Trip
    2018 High School Immersion Trip
    High School teens on their Immersion Trip to Northern California - August 2018
  • Meal Packaging Event
    Meal Packaging Event
    Over 100 volunteers helped at the Meal Packaging Event for Rise Against Hunger.
  • Easter Vigil
    Easter Vigil
  • Christmas Festival of Chamber Choirs
    Christmas Festival of Chamber Choirs
    2nd annual Christmas Festival of Chamber Choirs titled 'Of Love Begotten' was on Dec. 9, featuring local high schools ensembles and GAUDE, a cappella octet.
  • 2017 Ministry Faire
    2017 Ministry Faire
    Volunteers serve as liaisons to a variety of organizations which are supported by St. Timothy’s.
  • Fire in the Skies
    Fire in the Skies


Sunday Morning Services

  • 8:30 a.m. Service: A quiet and contemplative service with a touch of music
    • 9:15 a.m. Coffee hour: Time for all to socialize and have a light snack and beverage
  • 10:00 a.m. Service: A family service with a blend of the traditional and contemporary music.
    • 10:00 -10:30 a.m.: Children’s liturgy (Pre-K to grade 3) & Sunday school (​grades 2-5).  After completion the children join their families in church.

New Opportunities for December

Selfies with Santa – Sat. Dec. 7

Selfies with Santa Saturday, December 7th 3-5pm Christmas cards are coming! Bring your little one or your teen and family for a selfie with Santa! We are creating Christmas in Grace House and invite you to take a serious or fun picture—all dressed up or not! We will e-mail you your pictures and you can use them for family or friends—cards or memories. Invite a friend and laugh together! Then, join our elves to decorate a cookie and for a small craft. Want to be a helping elf? Speak to Pastor Todd or Pastor Susan!

Nativity Craft for Adults and Teens – Sun. Dec. 13

Sunday, December 8th 6:30pm in Grace House, we will create a Holy family using drift wood and our imagination. Join us for fellowship, an amazing Holy Family that is uniquely yours and an opportunity to prepare for Christmas. Contact Kathy Wills; Willsx4@comcast.net

Share the Warmth Sock Drive

Starts Dec. 8th to January 12th. Collection boxes are at the elevator in Grace House, and under the table at the Parish Hall entry. Contact: Leslie Firth, lesliefirth@comcast.net

December Newsletter

December 2019 Tidings

The Way of Love

A message from Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry
Life Transformed: The Way of Love
Learn more at: www.episcopalchurch.org/life-transformed

Easter! What an amazing moment it must have been to be one of the women who went down to the tomb that first Easter morning. They came expecting death and sorrow. Their messiah and friend had been killed, and now the best they could hope for was to give him a proper burial. Instead, they find an empty tomb, two angelic figures proclaiming Jesus’ resurrection, and an invitation to new life. Their expectations were blown away. This encounter with Jesus changed them so much that they were compelled to GO back to their fellow followers and proclaim the good nev1s. Their testimony would eventually spread to every corner of the earth so that wherever we go, the love of God will meet us there. In this journey,· you have been called to engage with the mystery of death and resurrection as mirrored in the Easter Vigil. We have been called from darkness into light. From fear into joy. From sin into restoration. From death into life. Our job now is to follow the examples of those women and go into the world proclaiming the resurrection of Jesus. Let this be the season that you go and live the full gift of the resurrection.

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REFLECT: Easter is not just one day. It is a season of 50 days, significantly longer than the 40 days in Lent. Our Church’s calendar is designed this way to help us remember that we are called to GO and live a life that is centered more on resurrection joy than on fear. During this Eastertide, find ways to live into the Way of Love you have walked this Lent.

The end of our Lent journey is only the beginning, as we take all the transformation we have experienced and imagined and use it to join God in healing and reconciling the world. How will you GO and tell the story of the empty tomb out loud? How have you been changed and how might you change others?


Bishop Michael Curry’s sermon on the Power of Love
Just in case you missed it, check out the video of the Royal Wedding:
Bishop Michael Curry delivers impassioned sermon on the Power of Love.
(click on the video image below)